Eckhard Völcker - Photomicrography

I have been fascinated with the microscopic world since I received my first toy microscope as a child. During my biology studies in the university, I had the opportunity to work with high power microscopes and study microorganisms and tissues at a cellular level. My imagination was excited by the hidden universe that exists at 4x+ magnification. Fluorescent dyes are used to color tissues, resulting in defined shapes and patterns that can be seen under the compound microscope.

The Eckhard Völcker light microscope photography of plants is where art meets science. The captivating images feature brilliant colors and intricate mosaics of cells. They appear like fine wool knitted fabrics or organic mandalas.

I felt inspired to seek more ways to unite my former scientific education with my current creative work. I would like to create some nature inspired patterns of micro and macro structures.

Eckhard Völcker,  0016 , 2012.

Eckhard Völcker, 0016, 2012.

Eckhard Völcker,  Rose 10x , 2010.

Eckhard Völcker, Rose 10x, 2010.

Eckhard Völcker,  002 Bamboo , 2012.

Eckhard Völcker, 002 Bamboo, 2012.

Eckhard Völcker,  Chesnut , 2012.

Eckhard Völcker, Chesnut, 2012.

Eckhard Völcker,  Fir 5x , 2010.

Eckhard Völcker, Fir 5x, 2010.