Sabina is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator based in Oxford, UK

I grew up in a family where art played an important role. My favourite activity as a child was drawing, and I used to create my own colouring books, board games and illustrated comics. Also, I had a really keen interest in nature and biology. When it was time to choose a career, science seemed to be the more practical path.

In 2008 I graduated the Molecular Biology M.Sc. programs at Max Planck Institute, Germany. Gradually, I realised that my passion for creating images is stronger than my motivation to work in the lab. I took creative classes, read numerous design textbooks and attended art and design conferences. In 2009 I left science and I started freelancing as a graphic designer. Via self education and work with clients I established a successful graphic design business.

I am the founder of Design Garden - company specialising in branding and web design. I am also the founder of The Ink Nest - a popular website for stock graphics. In recent years I have been teaching my techniques online at Design Garden Classes.  My main focus is understanding the underlying principles leading to the conception of inspiring and outstanding graphic work. I like exploring links between science and creativity.

In 2015 I started my MA in Illustration studies at University of Hertfordshire. I am excited to dedicate more time on illustration and this website will reflect that.

I am a mom of two little girls Sophia and Emma who are a source of daily inspiration. We live in Oxford.

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